Musing no. 28: Are you in over your head?

One thing I LOVE about having this blog is practically the ability to just spew out what’s going on in my thoughts without anyone giving me a C- for lacking structure.

Hello, this is the human brain. Being too structured will cause unwanted repercussions.

Anyway, I am swamped. It’s the third week of classes and I am swamped. Genius. She’s typing on a blog because she’s swamped. Well, it’s kind of the only way I can log my thoughts, and switch to homework once my brain starts trailing off.

Alright. That was 26 minutes ago. Told you I trailed off. Just kidding, duty called and I had to work for a little bit.

Let’s do a little assessment.

How is my heart? It’s alright, at a positive constant right now, we shall see lol. I’m being very very careful about it. So I’m like yeah. But let’s hope that it stays the same. You know how my heart gets.

How is my body? I just rucked (LOL I didn’t carry anything but I walked the whole way) last Saturday, and ran a 5k (LOL again, I just jogged like 1/4 of the way coz my back is still screwed up) that same night. I guess my body is doing well, coz it’s Monday and I am not dead. Hurrah. Hurrah.

How is my head? Overflowing with Chinese characters that I wish would stick inside my head so I can actually remember how to write the characters and not just use them in sentences.  I already write run-on sentences. Now imagine if I wrote in Chinese and it just goes on and on. Lawd.




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